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White cultured marble tub enclosure.

Tub deck and enclosure

Our tub deck and enclosure with an acrylic drop in tub. Color is neutral white ivory and mexican sand.

36x60x96 shower

Another tub space taken over by a shower. We can utilize these spaces for maximum effect.

Tub shower tie in.

We removed the tile shower and tub then replaced it with this attractive modernization.

Whirlpool tub and enclosure

This application is simple and earthy with a cabinet front skirt to complete the feel of a country home.

Custom angle vanity top

Almost everything we do is custom to your application.

Custom soap dish

If a plain old soap dish isn`t what you want we can build this custom sopadish.

Tub replacement shower.

 We put in a shower in the space formerly occupied by a tub and surround.

Shower high tub enclosure.

Shower surround utilizing our product to cover the demolition.

Three wall shower

We removed an acrylic shower unit and replaced it with a shower that will last for many years to come.

Custom Desktop

We made this desktop to specs for a unique application on a rolling desktop. The barber chair won`t move so the desktop does.

Side by side

There`s not too much we can say about this except WOW!

Shower with block trim

This shower demonstrates how the trim can be used to change your shower to a bolder look.


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More Pictures

A few before and after shots.